Bitly Shortner

Short your links into Bitly


With affiliaters you can integrate bitly URL shortner to mask your affiliate links with help of bitly token.


Important Note

  • Bitly allows 1000 links convesion per month for free, however at affiliaters there is no limit. 
  • You can add unlimited bitly token for conversion using multiple bitly accounts.
  • If you signed up with Google or Social media you need to set your password first. You can try by using forget password too.

Best Part of Bitly Shortner

Save some space in Post
Icon Links
If you want amazon affiliate links to links bitly can do that. And when you convert after adding token every link of amazon will be converted in links.
Other LInks to Bitly
Rest all of link except amazon links will be convet into bilty. This will save some space in your post too. You can convert unlimited links from our site.